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Empathy is all about placing oneself directly into the shoes of others and centres itself as a practice of accuracy and shared knowledge. This idea of empathy imagines itself as allowing for emotional access to foreign mentalities and their nuances. This speaks to how empathy, as a concept, becomes about producing increasingly accurate knowledge of other people.

Here we need to pay particular attention to this idea of ‘accurate’ knowledge and its deep roots in Euro-American power dynamics. In light of this, we need to deeply problematise the idea that any two different culturally, socially and physically located subjects can…

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When I started testosterone, I was excited and nervous. I didn’t have an end goal in sight, but I knew I wanted to be perceived as less “feminine” and feel more at home in my own body. I watched my body slowly unfold into its beautifully acned, lowered voice, hairy state over the next few months. Over a year later I’m still enjoying seeing my body shift in the ways that it wants to and to feel more and more at home inside of it.

Within the first few months, I started to notice how much more I began to…

Amber Knox

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